This is a whole lot of fitness packed into a short period of time, and you won’t know from week to week what the next session will include.  Just know this – your cardio vascular system will stand up and take notice, plus the class may change often and that’s what makes it work. This is a Marda signature class.

Wednesdays @ 5 pm


Lighter weights plus high reps mean muscular endurance and toning. That’s what you’ll get with Floor Work w/ Weights. You’ll use 3-5 lb weights, but don’t let that fool you. The higher reps will cause a deeper burn that will likely have your muscles screaming for mercy. You’ll start on the floor with belly busting ab work, then hit every area of the body with a weight routine. Appropriate for beginners or advanced exercisers. Marda signature class.

Wednesdays @5:30 pm