GOALS.  SET THEM.  Its’ the best way to motivate yourself to be better.  Whether you want to run a marathon or get in the best shape of your life, 2014 at InsideOut is the starting line for your fitness.

    TORCHOur Small Group Training Program offers personal training at an affordable price for anyone.  We offer SGT Boot Camps, Tabata Training, and other specialty training programs that target specific goals like TORCH!, our newest and most intense Small Group Training workshop ever.

    TORCH! is High Intensity Interval Training at its best and meets once a week AFTER HOURS so that we can have the gym to ourselves. Some say we do it then so there are no witnesses, but you’d have to try it to find out.

    Also coming in October is our Kids’ Fitness program.  Members can add their child to their membership and bring him/her in up to 3 times a week for Kid Specific fitness classes.  We schedule them during peak times so that Mom or Dad can take a class and work out while their child gets a workout as well.